Active-X component cannot create object


Receive Error 429: Active-X component cannot create object.


This problem can be caused by several different elements:

  1. If a user fails to reboot the PC after installing PaperFlow and tries to log directly into the software after the install, this issue can arise. This can be resolved by re-installing PaperFlow and immediately re-booting the PC after the install. This will allow all system files to be registered properly.

If a user installs PaperFlow and has an Anti-Virus program running in the background such as Norton or McAfee.  Having such a program running during an install can cause certain files to not be registered properly, therefore causing the Error 429 to appear.  To resolve this, disable all virus software running in the background and re-install the application.  If the virus application cannot be disabled, the user can copy the PaperFlow setup files to the local hard disk and re-boot the PC into the proper Windows safe mode.  This will eliminate some startup applications and services from running and will allow PaperFlow to be installed properly resolving the 429 issue.

Filed under 7.00, PaperFlow™

Last modified Oct 28, 2004

Submitted Oct 25, 2001

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