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With the release of R88, ImageSilo now offers support for SAML, in which the security policy lets you configure the ImageSilo Entity so that users can utilize SAML single sign on.

Error -28000: Your source IP address or Host name has changed.

When logged in to an entity you might get the following error when attempting to view or print documents: “Error -28000: Your source IP address or Host name has changed. This has been explicitly prohibited by your administrator”.

Creating reports using Microsoft® Excel from archived ImageSilo Document Access or System Operations/Queries reports.

ImageSilo’s Document Access and System Operations/Queries reports are automatically archived at the beginning of each month. Click the “View Archives” link to view activity that was recorded for prior months.
The archived reports are stored in XML format when downloaded. The following steps explain how to convert and view these reports using Microsoft® Excel.

Executing a search that includes brackets as part of the search criteria (i.e. [A-B]) is not returning any search results.

If a data group is stored encrypted “at rest” (i.e. encrypted in the entity storage path with an encryption key), how does the data get decrypted?

Users may receive an error message similar to the following when attempting to open/view a document from the search results:

The Remote/Application server returned the following error information:
Function LoadDocInfoEx.pvtCachePageRange.CachePage.PVDMSystem:
Error -28000; Server01 was unable to locate file

When attempting to view a document in the browser-based viewer, the following message is displayed in place of the document image: The following error(s) occurred! Due to certain browsers’ limitations and potential security concerns, this annotated image cannot be displayed.

When viewing an email that includes a .PDF attachment, the .PDF may display differently than it would if it were viewed in Adobe.

When accessing the Entity ID field is not displayed

When printing documents (or Document Grants) from the Browser-Based Viewer, headers and footers are included on the printed document.

27 articles found