Product: PaperVision® Enterprise

PaperVision Web Assistant is unable to run on more than 1 active session on a Terminal Server (Any workstation, server, or device connected on a LAN)

When logging into a terminal server that already has 1 or more active sessions, the PaperVision Web Assistant (PVWA) will not automatically start, and is unable to be started manually.

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R83.2

Last modified Aug 25, 2017

Submitted Jan 09, 2018

Configuring Data Group Auto-Mapping for PaperVision or ImageSilo

Data Group Auto-Mapping allows data groups to be automatically imported into PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo which removes the need for manual processing. You must enable and configure auto-mapping in either PaperVision Capture or PaperFlow when creating new or editing an existing export job. This option is available in PaperVision Capture (R83 or later) and PaperFlow (R81 or later) releases.

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R82

Last modified Aug 24, 2017

Submitted Aug 18, 2017

Security considerations for Internet Explorer and PaperVision Enterprise version 11.70 or greater

In Windows XP Service Pack 2, pop-up blocking prevents files from opening in the native application.

Filed under 11.70, PaperVision® Enterprise

Last modified March 27, 2019

Submitted Feb 16, 2017

How to launch the Configure PaperVision Enterprise Server Site Wizard after the initial installation has been run.

The below steps will provide a way for users to launch the Configure PaperVision Enterprise Server Site Wizard in the event an installation was already run and configuration of the PaperVision web site configuration was skipped.

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R82

Last modified Jan 26, 2017

Submitted Jan 09, 2017

Error -28000: Unable to locate image file

Users may receive an error message similar to the following when attempting to open/view a document from the search results:

The server returned the following error information:
Function LoadDocInfoEx.pvtCachePageRange.CachePage.PVDMSystem:
Error -28000; Server01 was unable to locate file

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R78

Last modified Feb 20, 2020

Submitted Aug 25, 2016

When is encrypted data automatically decrypted?

If a data group is stored encrypted “at rest” (i.e. encrypted in the entity storage path with an encryption key), how does the data get decrypted?

Filed under All Versions, PaperVision® Enterprise

Last modified June 2, 2017

Submitted Aug 25, 2016

Search criteria that includes brackets [ ] in PaperVision Enterprise (PVE) are not returning any search results

Executing a search that includes brackets as part of the search criteria (i.e. [A-B]) is not returning any search results.

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R80

Last modified June 2, 2017

Submitted Aug 25, 2016

How to enable the Direct Launch option to be used by all users

The Direct Launch option changes the way the document viewer launches and displays documents. The Direct Launch method passes a URL to the operating system that tells it to launch an executable that will then open the Web Assistant and display a document. With Direct Launch, there is no bi-directional communication with the Web Assistant. For example, altering index values, adding documents, or checking documents in or out will not automatically update the search results window.

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R81

Last modified October 12, 2017

Submitted Aug 22, 2016

How to manually configure the PaperVision Process Initiator Service

This article explains how to manually configure the PaperVision Automation Service (PaperVision ProcessInitiator2) using the PaperVision Configuration Utility. If a user skipped configuring the Automation Service during the setup wizard, the steps below can be used to configure the service.

Note: These steps are only applicable for PaperVision Enterprise R74 and above.

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R74

Last modified October 13, 2017

Submitted Jan 06, 2016

Function LoadDocInfo.pvtCachePageRange.CachePage.CopyFileDecryptEx: Error -30000 Unable to create directory for new file.

In certain scenarios users may receive an Error -30000 message when viewing images through the PaperVision Enterprise website. This may be a result of the anonymous account having all the necessary permissions and rights; but the images are stored at a different location from the Web Server. In some scenarios, the images may even reside on the same physical computer but are being accessed over the network using UNC paths. This type of configuration requires that the “ASP.NET Impersonation” option be enabled for IIS versions 7.5 and higher.

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R74.5

Last modified June 1, 2017

Submitted Jan 06, 2016