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PaperVision Capture brings an unprecedented level of efficiency and power to information capture. Work with everything, implement any custom process you want and track any statistic you need.


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Batches Stuck in Transmission on Single Operator Console

Batches submitted from a single operator’s workstation may go into an ‘In Transmission’ state and stay there while other workstations are transmitting batches without any issues. The following article will go over troubleshooting steps to resolve batches stuck in this state.

When using Multi-Page view in the PaperVision Capture Operator Console, a delay is noticed when scrolling through pages. This delay becomes more noticeable as the number of pages displayed increases.

When attempting to validate or activate a job in PaperVision Capture, the following validation error is displayed: All paths leading from start steps must be valid (1 exists, none are valid)

PaperVision Capture Forms Magic processing is not supported on a Windows Server acting as a Domain Controller, and no Forms Magic Project settings can be accessed in the Admin Console.

When clustering certain PDFs files in Forms Magic, after clicking Start Clustering the following error is returned “There was an image that caused OCR processing to fail”.

In PaperVision Capture a batch splitting step can be configured to meet one or more of many conditions. In some cases it may be desirable to split a batch based off a blank value within an index field. This can be achieved by using a String Comparison or Regular Expression.

This document describes how to enable Batch Statistics and History Logging for the initial batch in the Auto Create Batch sample script.

Any value that contains a leading zero when used in a .csv file is stored as text because those values when stored as integers would remove the leading zeros. (i.e. 0608 would display as 608).

When setting up an export for the PaperFlow data group format, how should the Department ID and Department Name be configured to avoid duplication of data group ID numbers?

76 articles found