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When using Directory Manger to import documents using a non-standard (for US) regional date format, the date may not always format correctly.

For example, the English (UK) short date format is “dd/mm/yyyy” and the system will transpose a date to mm/dd/yyyy in instances where the day is less than the number 13.

When importing images using Directory Manager, if any index field date values do not include dashes to separate the month, day and year (e.g. 01152011), the index fields will be displayed as blank values in PaperVision Enterprise.

Due to folder and file name restrictions, time values need to use a different symbol instead of the colon to represent a specific time value.

When the automation service runs Directory Manager operations, the Directory Manager job does not execute. No entries are in the error log and the Directory Manager job appears to be configured correctly, but it does not execute.

4 articles found