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PaperVision® Data Transfer Manager

PaperVision Data Transfer Manager maintains a duplicate copy of all data at a separate site for disaster protection. Package all data into a single, encrypted, compressed file and transfer it between sites through FTP or secure FTP.


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The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) uses two different modes to transfer files: ASCII and Binary transfer modes. ASCII mode is used to transfer text (non-image) files. Binary mode is used to transfer non-text based data (such as audio, video, images, as well as .PDF and .DOC). Some FTP servers will only accept one transfer mode (either ASCII or Binary), which is why it may be necessary to manually specify the transfer mode to be used by PaperVision Data Transfer Manager.

When attempting to create a package file in PaperVision Data Transfer Manager the following error is received: Error 507 Processing Job: Error Creating Package - compression library returned: Cannot write to zip file. Source: Transfer.TransferDG.CreatePackageFromDir.PVDataXfer.

In PaperVision Data Transfer Manager, when attempting to transmit data via the FTP transfer type, the following error is received: Error: 25058; Socket is not connected.

When using PaperVision Data Transfer Manager (DTM) to execute a Data Transfer job, enabling the option Create Compressed Package File, the following error message is returned: Error: -30000: Unable to copy File (Source: Source folder), (Destination: Destination folder) Sharing Violation.

How to manually install and uninstall the PaperVision Data Transfer Service

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