Bad filename or number when launching.


Receive Error 52: Bad filename or number when attempting to launch PaperFlow.


This error occurs when PaperFlow is unable to access the central project database – DSICP32.MDB. This commonly occurs when the central project database is stored on a network server, and the server becomes unavailable, or the workstation encountering the error is moved outside of the network.

To resolve the issue, bring the server hosting the DSICP32.MDB back online, or move the workstation back inside the network. To create a new DSICP32.MDB on the local workstation, open the DSI.INI file located in Program FilesDigitech SystemsCommon Files and locate the [PF-GENERAL] section. Find the line labeled ‘CENTRALDBLOC=’ and remove the path after the equal sign. Re-launch PaperFlow, and you will be prompted to specify a new location for the central project database.

Note: This error can also occur in OCRFlow and QCFlow.

Filed under 7.00, PaperFlow™

Last modified Oct 28, 2004

Submitted Jan 20, 2004

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