Basic SCSI troubleshooting information


When using a SCSI interface to connect to a scanner, you may encounter connection problems. Use this list to troubleshoot SCSI connection issues.


If PaperFlow cannot see the scanner connected as a SCSI device, make sure you have a supported SCSI card. An updated list can be found here:

If the card is supported, download the latest Windows ASPI layer from by doing a search for “ASPI ”.

Install the SCSI card driver that came with the card, not the driver the OS tries to install. The driver that comes with the card is often a newer, more stable version.

Make sure the scanner shows up in the Windows Device Manager. Occasionally the scanner is seen by the BIOS, but not in the OS. While in the Device Manager, check for any resource conflicts. Sometimes simply moving the SCSI card to a different PCI slot can resolve a device conflict.

Check for bent pins in the SCSI cable, and make sure the cable is securely connected to the computer and the scanner.

Make sure you have the most current ISIS scanner driver for your operating system.

For more information, see the following article:

More troubleshooting techniques can be found below.

Troubleshooting unable to locate SCSI device

  1. Verify that SCSI card/Scanner is supported by checking SCANNERDRIVERS.COM
  2. If scanner is supported
  3. Power off Scanner/PC

b.Verify that SCSI cable is connected and pins are not bent

  1. Power on scanner followed by PC
  2. Verify the SCSI BIOS recognizes the scanner. If not, try swapping out current SCSI cable with a new one. Other things to try include trying a new SCSI card and/or moving the current card to another machine.
  4. Re-select scanner in PaperFlow and try again. If the scanner is not in the scanner list, verify that the driver is installed, if not, install the latest supported driver.
  5. Did this fix the issue? If no, continue to STEP 3
  6. Download and install latest version of ASPI32
  7. Power off Scanner/PC
  8. Verify that SCSI cable is connected and pins are not bent. If this has already been completed in a previously, continue on to the next step.
  9. Power on scanner followed by PC
  10. Does the SCSI BIOS recognize the scanner
  12. Re-select scanner in PaperFlow and try again. Verify driver version listed is the same version listed at
  13. Check driver version, update to latest version if necessary
  14. Did this fix the issue? If no, continue to STEP 4
  15. Verify that problem is not a hardware related issue, i.e. scanner/SCSI card
  16. Check to see if Windows recognizes scanner
  17. Swap out SCSI cable
  18. Swap out SCSI card
  19. Move scanner to another machine
  20. Check to see if scanner works with software other than PaperFlow
  21. Try a different scanner

If problems persist, contact Digitech Systems Technical Support

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