Can PaperVision Capture services for Forms Magic be installed on a Windows domain controller?


PaperVision Capture Forms Magic processing is not supported on a Windows Server acting as a Domain Controller, and no Forms Magic Project settings can be accessed in the Admin Console.


PaperVision Capture’s Forms Magic Technology requires use of WCF Message Security to facilitate the use of duplex communications within the PaperVision Capture client. When a Windows Server is promoted to a domain controller, it is preferred that WCF use Transport Security and Message Security is disabled.  This will cause the Forms Magic communication processes to fail.

The Forms Magic Communication Server and Worker services should be installed on a server that is not configured as a domain controller. A workstation operating system (e.g. Windows 7 or Windows 10) can also be used. The PaperVision Capture installation (including the Gateway, Data Transfer Agent and Process Initiator 1 services) can remain on the domain controller server without issue since only the two Forms Magic services require Message Security.

The following Microsoft articles contain information related to WCF Authentication and Security:

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Last modified Aug 25, 2016

Submitted Aug 25, 2016

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