Configuring PaperVision Tools after installing Microsoft Office 2007

Version: R69

Article ID: PT000010

Configuring PaperVision Tools after installing Microsoft Office 2007main image


This article explains the process for making PaperVision Tools available when Tools had already been installed prior to upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).


Open the Office 2007 application that is no longer displaying the Tools toolbar/add-in. The menu options should be the same for each module when adding the PaperVision Tools Add-in.

Follow these steps to complete the process for each Office application:

  1. Open the Customize Quick Access Toolbar and select More Commands.

This will open the Word Options screen

  1. Select Add-Ins from the left menu, and select COM Add-ins from the drop down menu on the bottom of that page. Select Go.
  2. Once the Com Add-Ins Menu is open, select Add from the right menu.

The name of the toolbar add-in is:
The default location for this file is in:
%ProgramFiles%Digitech SystemsPaperVision Tools.

  1. After selecting PVEOfficeAddinShim.dll, Select OK.
  2. Returning to the COM Add-in screen, a new option will be available and selected: “PaperVision Enterprise Office Add-in.” Select OK.

The Add-In tab now displays the new PaperVision Enterprise Toolbar Options.