Configuring SAML for use with ImageSilo

Version: IS: R88.1

Article ID: IS000025

Configuring SAML for use with ImageSilomain image


With the release of R88, ImageSilo now offers support for SAML, in which the security policy lets you configure the ImageSilo Entity so that users can utilize SAML single sign on.


With the release of R88, ImageSilo now offers support for SAML, in which the security policy lets you configure the ImageSilo Entity so that users can utilize SAML single sign-on.

SAML Overview
SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is an XML-based standard used for exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties, typically in the context of web-based Single Sign-On (SSO) systems.

This provides a way for different websites or web applications such as ImageSilo to trust and verify the identity of users without having to ask for their passwords multiple times. When you log in to a website or application that uses SAML, it authenticates you and generates a digital "assertion" that contains information about you, such as your username, role, and other attributes. This assertion is then sent to other websites or applications that you want to access without having to log in again. These websites or applications can rely on the assertion to verify your identity and grant you access based on the information provided in the assertion.

What SAML is used for:
SAML is often used in enterprise environments where users need to access multiple applications or services with a single set of credentials, making it more convenient for users to access different systems without remembering multiple usernames and passwords.

SAML implements a secure method of passing user authentications and authorizations between the identity provided and service providers. When a user logs into a SAML enabled application such as ImageSilo, the service provider requests authorization from the appropriate identity provider. The identity provider authenticates the user's credentials and then returns the authorization for the user to the service provider, and the user is now able to use the application. SAML authentication is the process of verifying the user's identity and credentials (password, two-factor authentication, etc). SAML authorization tells the service provider what access to grant the authenticated user.

What is a SAML Provider:
A SAML provider is a system that helps a user access a service they need. There are two primary types of SAML providers: service provider and identity provider.

  1. A Service Provider: Needs the authentication from the identity provider to grant authorization to the user.
  2. An Identity Provider: Performs the authentication that the end user is who they say they are and sends that data to the service provider along with the user's access rights for the service.

Microsoft Active Directory or Azure are common identity providers. ImageSilo and other ECM solutions are usually service providers, in that they depend on an identity provider for user authentication.

What is a SAML Assertion:
A SAML Assertion is the XML document that the identity provider sends to the service provider such as ImageSilo, that contains the user authorization. More information on how to import the XML document into an ImageSilo Entity can be located in the ImageSilo User Guide or by reaching out to Technical Support for further assistance.

Choosing an identify provider:
Typically, the most commonly asked question is how to choose the right identity provider for your SAML solution with your Digitech Systems product. There are numerous identity providers that exist such as Okta, Azure AD, SecureAuth and OneLogin are just a few examples.

Understanding that choosing and implementing the right identity provider is very unique to every customer's needs and network security design, Digitech Systems does not recommend or assist with choosing and implementing identity providers. This specific task would most likely be handled by the networking team of the customer’s internal network and security department. Once the customer has generated the required XML from the integrated identity provider, Digitech Systems Technical Support can work with the customer on how to import the XML file into the ImageSilo entity to complete the process.

If needing assistance with an existing configured SAML identity provider and integrating/importing into ImageSilo, please reach out to Digitech Systems Technical Support Team at 1-877-374-3569. Note that if the assistance is deemed to be out of scope for the Technical Support Team, it’s possible there would be recommendations to work with Digitech Systems Professional Services department.