Creating a document security lockdown level

Version: R 70.1

Article ID: PE000126

Creating a document security lockdown levelmain image


Document security levels allow specific documents to be viewed only by certain users/groups. A common way to implement document security levels is to create a lockdown level that secures all documents. Additional levels are then created to grant access.


Follow the steps below to create a ‘lockdown’ security level:

  1. Log into the PaperVision Admin Console and expand Entities > Entity Name > Project Name and select Document Security Levels
  2. Create a new Document Security Level named “Lockdown” and ensure that no users or groups are selected under Grant Access To
  3. Select the Criteria tab and place a wildcard “*” in any index field
  4. At the bottom of the window there are three options for when this security should be applied or removed. In this case it is not necessary to select anything other than the default option since all documents will always meet the criteria.
  5. Click the OK button and the security level is created
  6. Right-click on the new policy and choose Apply to current documents
  7. The security level has now been applied to current documents. As new documents are added to the project they will be automatically secured. At this point, only Administrators are able to retrieve documents from this project. Any user that executes a search on this project will receive no results because they have not been granted access to any documents.

Additional Document Security Levels can now be created to grant users and groups access to specific records by creating the Document Security Level, defining what index values the security level has access to, and selecting the users and groups that should have access to these records. Once the Document Security Level is applied, only the users/groups selected (in addition to Administrators) will have access to these specific records, and they will still be denied access to all other records in this project.