Does the PaperVision Enterprise website need to be upgraded when installing version R80?


When upgrading an existing PaperVision Enterprise installation to version R80, does the website need to be upgraded at the same time?



Due to the numerous changes in PaperVision Enterprise R80, the website must be upgraded at the same time as the Admin Consoles, Automation Services, and the SQL database.

If the website configuration step is skipped (or not installed) during the setup wizard, errors will be returned when users attempt to execute a search and view documents in the web client.

The existing website either needs to be configured when prompted by the setup wizard, or the existing website and application pool can be deleted in IIS Manager to allow the setup wizard to create a brand new R80 website.

To re-launch the website configuration utility if the website upgrade was skipped, simply, follow the steps outlined in KB article ID PE000173:

Note: it is recommended to update the PaperVision Web Assistant on every workstation to the same version that the server is running to get the latest features.


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Last modified May 31, 2017

Submitted May 28, 2015

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