Error 13: Type mismatch when exporting a PaperFlow data group


Users may receive this error when attempting to export a PaperFlow data group.



This error is typically caused by a corrupt datagrp.mdb file. Microsoft Access (MDB) databases can become corrupt for different reasons and generally the corruption is minor and simple to repair.

The following steps can be used to resolve or prevent this error:

    1. If a system is exporting across the network when the error occurs, attempt to do the export locally and then copy the data group to the desired network location. If the data group exports successfully to the local system, this may indicate a network/communication problem that should be reviewed by your IT staff.
    2. Run Data Group Maintenance by expanding the Data Group menu in PaperFlow and selecting Data Group Maintenance. Click on the “Select” button and locate the datagrp.mdb file for the data group returning this error. Select “Perform repair” and “Perform compact” for the maintenance options and then run maintenance by clicking on the “Start” button.
    3. If running Data Group Maintenance does not resolve the error, try opening the destination data group in PaperFlow (if you are exporting to an existing data group) and run Data Group Maintenance on that data group, and then attempt the export again.
    4. If a system is using the auto import path function to batch import images into PaperFlow, ensure that the data group is not open when the auto import runs. If this error is being returned during an import, you should run data group maintenance on this data group and then attempt the export again.

Filed under 7.84, PaperFlow™

Last modified Jul 01, 2010

Submitted Jun 27, 2010

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