Error: -2147216495 Description: Error Creating File Source: SaveImage.ImageXpr7.ImageXpress.1

Version: R70.1

Article ID: PE000111

Error: -2147216495 Description: Error Creating File  Source: SaveImage.ImageXpr7.ImageXpress.1main image


Operators on User Account Control (UAC) enabled machines are having problems when trying to export documents from the viewer and/or PaperVision web site. They get Error: -2147216495 Description: Error Creating File Source: SaveImage.ImageXpr7.ImageXpress.1. This issue can occur on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008.


This error message is not directly associated to UAC, but more likely an issue with Internet Explorer’s ‘Protected Mode’. This prevents the PaperVision viewer from adding files to the user’s profile on the computer, and rather it’s committed to a temporary cache file. When Internet Explorer closes, the files in the temporary cache are automatically deleted.

To resolve this issue, use one of the following options:

At the user’s discretion, UAC can be completely disabled. This would essentially disable ‘Protected Mode’ in Internet Explorer security zones.

Go to Start> Control Panel> User Accounts> Users> Change User Account Control Settings.

  • On Vista, remove the check mark and restart the system
  • On Windows 7 and Server 2008, set option to ‘Never notify’ and restart the system

By default anything on the local intranet is going to be added to your list of Trusted Sites, but if ‘Protected Mode’ is enabled it will still cause some complications.

  • Go to Tools> Internet Options> Security> then highlight Local Intranet and remove the check mark for ‘Protected Mode’

If PaperVision is located on an external web server (Ex: ImageSilo), simply add the URL (Ex: to the list of ‘Trusted Sites’. This will bypass ‘Protected Mode’.