Error -2147216502 Description: Format Unknown Source: ImagXpr7.ImagXpress.1


Receiving an “Error -2147216502 Description: Format Unknown Source: ImagXpr7.ImagXpress.1” when trying to view a document within PaperVision Enterprise thin client.


This is most likely caused by having a incorrect cache path or URL address in the Local Cache settings.   To correct this, log into the PaperVision Admin Console as the global administrator. Under Global Administration you should see System Settings. Under System Settings on the General tab you have your local cache settings. Double check to make sure both of these paths are correct.

Note: Try using an IP address instead of computer name.   You could be having a DNS issue where it is unable to resolve the computer name.

Note: If you are using a virtual directory the URL path needs to have the added directory. Example: http://yourcomputername/virtualdirectory/cachepv/

Filed under 10.00, PaperVision® Enterprise

Last modified June 1, 2017

Submitted Jun 16, 2005

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