Error-28000: Unable to locate image file


Users may receive an error message similar to the following when attempting to open/view a document from the search results:

The Remote/Application server returned the following error information:

Function LoadDocInfoEx.pvtCachePageRange.CachePage.PVDMSystem:

Error -28000; Server01 was unable to locate file



This error message usually indicates that the image is missing from the data storage location on ImageSilo.  This is likely the result of file not being successfully uploaded, but the data group document still contains a reference to the file location.

An entity administrator can submit the data group ID (noted in the error message) for validation.  Note that the entity administrator needs to have a valid email address configured within their profile settings.  Failed data group validations will include an attachment.txt file listing all missing files for the data group.

The data group ID to submit for validation is displayed in square brackets in the error message. Examples include [ABCD0001] which is a PaperFlow data group, and [160413105680015-00000005] which is an XML data group.  Look for these ID’s in the Original Name column of the Data Storage > Data Groups list.

Each data group submitted for validation will generate its own email report, and there is an option to submit all data groups in the entity for validation.

Note that validation during import can also be enabled, under the entity properties on the Import tab.  This will allow for any failed notifications to be generated at the time the data group is imported.

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Last modified May 15, 2017

Submitted Aug 22, 2016

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