Error -28000 when importing a CAR Data Group.


When attempting to import a CAR data group (CARFILE.TXT) into PaperVision, this error is reported:

Error: 28000

Description: Unable to locate CAR project ProjectName in the database. You must first create this project.

Source: ImportDataGroup.RunImport.DGTypeImpCAR.CARLoadProjects.PVDMSystem


Prior to importing a CAR data group into PaperVision Enterprise, the project must already exist. In the Admin Console, go to Entities - Default Company and right-click the Projects folder. Select New Project and enter the project details (project name, index fields/field types, etc.) making sure that the fields match exactly the fields in the original project. The Roll and Frame fields do not need to be added as they already exist in the CARFILE.TXT. Once this has been done, the CARFILE.TXT can be imported without generating an error message.

Filed under 10.00, PaperVision® Enterprise

Last modified Oct 28, 2004

Submitted Sep 04, 2003

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