Error 429: you do not have an appropriate license to use this functionality.


You receive a message stating: Error 429: you do not have an appropriate license to use this functionality when attempting to launch PaperFlow.


This error typically is a result from performing an incorrect upgrade of PaperFlow or from installing just the PaperFlow patch file and not performing a full install of PaperFlow first before applying the patch files.

When upgrading PaperFlow make sure that the PaperFlow patch that was downloaded is installed properly by following these steps. *

1) Download and unzip the PaperFlow???.zip patch file.

2) The zip file should contain the following 5 files: DSIOTG6.dll, DSIShared.dll, FlowData6.dll, PaperFlow.exe and Readme.txt

3) Make sure PaperFlow is closed and copy the PaperFlow.exe file and replace the PaperFlow.exe file located in Program FilesDigitech SystemsPaperFlow

4) Copy the DSIOTG6.dll, DSIShared.dll and the FlowData6.dll and replace the existing files located at Program FilesDigitech SystemsCommon Files

5) Launch PaperFlow and make sure the version matches the version you installed.

* Make sure you have a working install of PaperFlow before attempting to peform an upgrade.


Filed under 7.84, PaperFlow™

Last modified Oct 27, 2009

Submitted Oct 27, 2009

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