Error 52: Bad File name or number when attempting to create a Data Group from a Windows XP machine to a Windows 98 machine


hen attempting to create a Data Group from a WIndows XP machine to a Windows 98 machine across the network you receive the Error 52: Bad File name or number.


The Error 52: Bad File name or number is caused by a Microsoft update being installed on the Windows XP machine. The specific update is KB885250. Once this update is installed you will not be able to create certain files across the network from the Windows XP machine to any Windows 98 machines. The creation of the Datagrp.mdb is one of the files affected by this update.

* Check with your IT Administrators before attempting to remove any Windows updates.

To resolve this issue you can uninstall the update by clicking on Start, Setting, Contol Panel and clicking on Add/Remove programs and then select 'show updates' which will then display the Windows XP Hotfixes installed on this system. You then can uninstall this specific Hotfix by clicking on the Windows XP Hotfix KB885250.

If you decide not to uninstall the Hotfix you can perform one of the following:

  1. Create the data groups locally on the XP machine then move the data group to    the Windows 98 machine
  2. Upgrade the Windows 98 machines operating system to a more recent OS
  3. Create the data groups using the PaperFlow that is installed on a Windows 98 machine

It is possible to keep Automatic Updates (automatic download and install of new updates) on while specifically bypassing KB885250. Choose Start -> Windows Update, and click Custom Install. KB885250 should come up in the list; uncheck it and check 'Hide this update' and click Install or close the window. This will prevent Windows Update from installing the problem update while continuing to install future updates. Or, if Automatic Updates beats you to it and prompts to install the update, choose 'Custom Install' there, uncheck KB885250, and click Close, then check 'Don't notify me about these updates again' and click OK at the next prompt.

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Last modified June 5, 2017

Submitted Jun 02, 2005

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