Error 7312: Project Name is already in use by this customer


A user attempts to change a project name in PaperFlow to match another project and receives the following error: Error 7312: Project Name is already in use by this customer.


This error occurs because the project name and information already exists in the Central Project Database. In order to rename a project to match the name of another existing project, do the following:

  1. Open the data group whose name you want to change, go to the Administration menu and select Central Dept./Project Setup
  2. Highlight the project name that is already in use (that you want to change this project name to) and select Delete
  3. Click Yes when prompted to delete all project information
  4. Close the Central Dept./Project Setup window
  5. Go to the Administration menu and select Modify Project in Data Group
  6. On the General Project Information tab, change the project name to the desired name that was previously in use
  7. Click Save to close the window

The project is successfully renamed to the desired project name.Note: If there are multiple data groups that need the project renamed, repeat steps 1 – 7, and be sure to close the data group after completing step 7 before returning to step 1.

Filed under 7.84, PaperFlow™

Last modified Jun 25, 2010

Submitted May 11, 2010

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