Error connecting to the SQL Server: -2147217843: Login failed for user.

Version: R66

Article ID: PE000155

Error connecting to the SQL Server: -2147217843: Login failed for user.main image


When attempting to open the PaperVision Enterprise thick client, you get the following error: Error connecting to the SQL Server: -2147217843: Login failed for user


When this error occurs on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 environment it is usually caused by User Account Control (UAC) preventing the PaperVision Enterprise configuration file (PVDM.ini) from being written to the “[Program Files]Digitech SystemsCommon Files" directory during installation.

To resolve this follow the steps below:

Option 1:

The following option requires a workstation that is not having this connection problem. If you do not have a workstation that is functioning correctly, proceed to Option 2.

  1. On a workstation where the PaperVision Enterprise client is functioning correctly, open "[Program Files]Digitech SystemsCommon Files".
  2. Copy the PVDM.INI to a network location accessible from the Windows 7/Windows Vista workstation, or to a mobile storage device (flash drive, CD, etc).
  3. From the Windows 7/Windows Vista workstation, locate the PVDM.INI from the network location or storage device.
  4. Copy the PVDM.INI to "[Program Files]Digitech SystemsCommon Files" or "[Program Files(x86)]Digitech SystemsCommon Files" if using a 64-bit OS.

Option 2:

  1. Uninstall the PaperVision Enterprise Client.
  2. Reinstall the PaperVision Enterprise Client by right clicking on Setup.exe and selecting Run As Administrator.

Note: The current release of PaperVision runs with elevated privileges when writing to the Program Files directory and these steps are not needed.