Explanation of Alternate Installers.


Brief overview of the Alternate Installers included on the Distribution CD-ROM. (.SupportAlternate Installers)


The PaperVision Enterprise distribution CD-ROM contains some “Alternate Installers” that can be used as an alternative to the main installation. These installers give administrators more flexibility when deploying PaperVision Enterprise. There are two categories of installers, Document Viewer Plug-in and PaperVision Enterprise.

Document Viewer Plug-in:

Contains three installer types, Single EXE, Standard and Standard with CABS. Different deployment softwareservices may require a certain type of installation. Please refer to the deployment softwareservices documentation to see which installer type is best suited for your environment.

PaperVision Enterprise:

Contains two installer types, Client-Only Upgrade and Full Install – Single EXE. Client-Only Upgrade is a single file installation that will upgrade the Thick Client only. Full Install – Single EXE is a single file installation that contains the full installation of PaperVision Enterprise. You will be prompted to extract the setup files to a temporary location which will be removed once the installation has completed or extract the setup files to a location that you specify which will not be removed once the installation has been completed.

Filed under 10.00, PaperVision® Enterprise

Last modified Oct 28, 2004

Submitted Jan 05, 2004

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