Firefox launches two windows when using PaperVision local web client


When executing PaperVision Enterprise client from desktop, Firefox will open two windows. The window launched in the background will remain in a “Loading PaperVision…” state without ever closing. There is no impact on functionality and the screen stuck on “Loading PaperVision…” can be closed.



Steps to Resolve:

    1. Open a Firefox browser window.
    2. In the URL type the following:  about.config.  This will open the configuration page.
    3. Click the option “I’ll be careful, I promise!” (At the warning prompt), when prompted because the below steps are changing the configuration of Firefox.
    4. From the configuration page, locate the entry dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows.
    5. Double-click this entry to change it from “False” to “True”.
    6. Close the browser and launch the client.
    7. There should no longer be two windows launched.


Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R71.1

Last modified June 1, 2017

Submitted Feb 01, 2013

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