Hotkeys for Next Document (Ctrl + N) and Textual Notes (Ctrl + T) do not work in Google Chrome when using the Browser-Based Viewer


Google Chrome already has hotkeys assigned for Ctrl + N and Ctrl + T, which prevents the PaperVision hotkeys from functioning. To take advantage of the hotkeys built into the Browser-Based Viewer, Chrome must be launched in application mode.


Follow these steps to launch Google Chrome in application mode:

  1. In Chrome, browse to the login page for the website hosting PaperVision Enterprise (Example:
  2. Click the Chrome menu button on the browser toolbar
  3. Select Tools
  4. Select Create application shortcuts
  5. From the dialog that appears, choose a location on the computer where the shortcuts should be placed (Desktop, Taskbar, etc.)
  6. Click Create

The user can now launch Chrome using the new shortcut. The Ctrl + N and Ctrl + T hotkeys will now perform the appropriate functions


Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R76

Last modified June 1, 2017

Submitted Jun 14, 2013

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