How should the Department ID and Department Name be configured for use with the PaperFlow export?


When setting up an export for the PaperFlow data group format, how should the Department ID and Department Name be configured to avoid duplication of data group ID numbers?



PaperVision Enterprise and ImageSilo use a combination of the Department ID and Department Name to create a unique association when the data group is imported.

This requires every data group ID created to be unique; otherwise data in the PaperVision or ImageSilo project(s) will be overwritten.

To ensure that all data groups created are unique, follow the guidelines and suggestions listed below for each new PaperFlow export.

PaperFlow Data Group Export Settings

On the General tab of the PaperFlow export configuration:

  • The Department ID must be unique for every job configured in PaperFlow. This field is limited to four alpha-numeric characters, and comprises the first four characters of the eight-character unique Data Group ID. (The remaining four characters are based on the Initial CD Number, which PaperFlow automatically increments once exporting begins.)
  • The Department Name must also be unique for every job configured in PaperFlow. This field holds up to 100 characters, which can be alpha-numeric including space and punctuation marks.
  • Use of unique Project Names will help to further prevent duplication of data.
  • The Initial CD Number is used to create the last four digits of the first data group ID number.       If you create unique Department ID’s, Department Names, and Project Names, there should be no reason to change the Initial CD Number as PaperFlow automatically manages the CD number for each export.

An example of two Jobs where the ID & Name combinations would result in duplication of data groups:

In the above scenario, both jobs will create data group ID 00010001 the first time the batches are exported. Both jobs will continue to create 00010002, 00010003, etc. When the Data Group ID 00010001 for the Accounts Payable project is first imported into PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo there will be no issue.

However when the Data Group ID 00010001 for the Accounts Receivable project is imported into PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo, it will overwrite image files in the Accounts Payable project, and depending on the import type (Append vs. Full/Reload), documents may be removed from the Accounts Payable project as well.

Using the example above, here is another scenario showing how to adjust the export settings to ensure unique IDs:

By using unique Department IDs, Department Names, and Project Names, this will ensure that duplicate data group ID’s are not an issue.

Additional options to ensure a unique Department Name include adding the date the export was configured and/or the name/initials of the user who configured the export. ImageSilo customers can also include their Entity ID in the Department Name.

Another option would be to modify the export script directly. Since this option can only be done via the Script Editor (and once this option is used, it will prevent the export Wizard interface from being used), it is recommended that you call Technical Support before using this option.

Export Locking/Counter Path

In addition, if using more than one PaperFlow workstation and the workstations are exporting batches using the same jobs, the Export Locking file (PVDM_CUSTOMCOUNTERS_1.xml) must be shared. This file is used to track previously exported data group IDs so that new exports do not create duplicates.

The Export Locking/Counter Path can be found in PaperFlow under Preferences > System Preferences; by default the path is set to: C:\Program\Data\Digitech Systems\PaperFlow\Batches\ExportLocking

If PaperFlow jobs are being used on multiple workstations, the ExportLocking folder (which includes the PVDM_CUSTOMCOUNTERS_1.xml file) should be copied to a network share, and include any applicable job files. Add this network path to System Preferences for each PaperFlow workstation before processing any manual or automated exports.

Note: The contents of the PVDM_CUSTOMCOUNTERS_1.xml file should not be modified without consulting Technical Support. Manually modifying (or deleting) this file can result in duplication of data group IDs.

Feel free to contact Technical Support with any questions or for a more in-depth review of export settings. The toll-free support telephone number is 877.374.3569 – or via email at

For information on ImageSilo/PVE XML export format settings, see this KB article.

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