How to always display the VRS Virtual ReScan icon in the Windows system tray when PaperVision Capture is running


By default the VRS Virtual ReScan icon is not displayed in the Windows system tray while scanning in PaperVision Capture. The following steps describe how to display the Virtual ReScan icon in the system tray while scanning.


  1. Close the PaperVision Capture Admin and Operator Console on the applicable workstation.
  2. Edit the ClientSettings.xml file. This file is located:
    1. Windows XP/2003 - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Digitech Systems\
    2. Windows Vista/2008/7 - C:\ProgramData\Digitech Systems\
  3. From the ClientSettings.xml file, locate the following line:
  4. Change “false” to “true”. The line should now read:
  5. Save and close the ClientSettings.xml file.
  6. Note that changing this setting will place a lock on the scanner driver so that only a single application can use the driver at a time. For this reason, you may not be able to have the Admin and Operator Consoles open at the same time (if they are both using the scanner driver and are on the same machine).

When the VRS driver is selected, the Virtual ReScan icon will remain in the Windows system tray while scanning. This will allow the operator to make VRS-related changes after scanning operations have stopped. Note that while scanning, VRS-related changes are not allowed.

If the current PaperVision Capture installation was upgraded from a version prior to R73, the above variable may not exist in the ClientSettings.xml file. If this is the case, simply edit the file and manually add the line.

Filed under PaperVision® Capture, R73

Last modified Feb 21, 2020

Submitted Jun 21, 2011

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