How to change the Export Locking/Counter Path


The Export Locking/Counter path is used by the PaperFlow export process to track the output created from the PaperFlow and PVE/ImageSilo XML exports. The incrementing data group ID is tracked which prevents PaperFlow from duplicating data group ID numbers during the export process.

Data group ID numbers must always be unique to prevent data from being overwritten when imported into PaperVision Enterprise/ImageSilo.

When multiple PaperFlow workstations export batches using shared jobs, those workstations must use a shared export locking path. Additionally, if different jobs (i.e. not shared) are configured to use the same Company/Department Name and Company/Department ID, those workstations also must use a shared export locking path.


Steps to update/modify the Export Locking/Counter Path:

  1. Open PaperFlow
  2. Click the PaperFlow button located in the top left corner of the screen
  3. Select Preferences
  4. Select System Preferences
  5. Browse to and select the new path to be used for the Export Locking/Counter Path
  6. Click <OK> to save the change and close the Preferences window

*NOTE* It is strongly recommended that the PVDM_CUSTOMCOUNTERS_1.xml file is copied from the current Export Locking/Counter Path to the updated Export Locking/Counter Path. (The default path is set to C:\Program Data\Digitech Systems\PaperFlow\Batches). If this file is not copied to the updated location, the data group ID numbers will be reset which will cause new exports to potentially include the same unique identifiers that were already used in previous exports.

This could result in a loss of data due to overwriting the previous data group ID.

If any exports were processed before updating the Export Locking/Counter Path, please contact Technical Support for assistance in identifying and fixing any affected data groups.

Filed under PaperFlow™, R79

Last modified October 12, 2017

Submitted Aug 25, 2016

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