How to Configure Anti-Virus software with PaperVision Enterprise and Microsoft SQL Server


In some scenarios anti-virus software (AVS) may inhibit the proper functioning of PaperVision Enterprise and Microsoft SQL Server. The purpose of this article is to provide general guidance on excluding directories from AVS scanning in order to avoid potential conflicts.



Most conflicts with AVS can be avoided by excluding certain directories from real-time scanning. In general, it is best to avoid scanning resources which may be used by PaperVision Enterprise or Microsoft SQL Server.


Possible directories to exclude are:


    1. The PaperVision Enterprise entity paths (data group, migration/backup, and full-text paths listed under entity properties).
    2. Any locations accessed by the PaperVision Enterprise automation server such as monitored import path directories, directory manager paths; report manager input paths, as well as local package and attachment directories.
    3. Any locations outside of the entity paths where data is stored (e.g. in-line directory manager job paths).
    4. The %AllUsersProfile%Digitech Systems directory.
    5. The C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server directory.
    6. The C:Program FilesDigitech Systems directory.
    7. The location of your Microsoft SQL Server .MDF & .LDF files.


Additional information on running antivirus on a Microsoft SQL Server can be found here:



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Last modified June 1, 2017

Submitted Dec 03, 2013

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