How to create a PaperVision Enterprise database when using full Microsoft SQL Server.


This covers the steps necessary to create a SQL database for PaperVision Enterprise using the full version of Microsoft SQL Server (version 7 or 2000).


Microsoft SQL Server version 7 or version 2000 must be installed and running on the machine which is to host the database.

Open the SQL Enterprise Manager by going to Start - Programs - Microsoft SQL Server - Enterprise Manager. In the SQL Enterprise Manager, expand Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Group until you see the name of the SQL Server. Right-click the server name and select Properties. Select the Security tab and you should see the following screen (note: if you are unable to see the screenshots, right-click the image and from the View menu select Normal):

Filed under 10.00, PaperVision® Enterprise

Last modified Oct 28, 2004

Submitted Sep 22, 2003

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