How to create a Schema.ini file for use with Match and Merge using CSV formatted text files.


When configuring match and merge index fields using a text file that includes dates, currency or decimal data you can configure how data is formatted by creating a schema information file (Schema.ini) in the same directory where the text file resides.


When Match and Merge is configured with an OLEDB connection using a text file, column formats are determined by the data in the first row.  If a column is configured as a date, currency or decimal type, matches may not occur if alpha-numeric values appear in subsequent rows.  In this scenario, create a Schema.ini file to define the column types in the same folder location as the lookup file:

  1. Create a new file named schema.ini in the same folder location as the lookup file
  2. Line 1 will be the lookup’s filename enclosed within square brackets as follows: [matchandmerge.csv]
  3. Line 2 is the file format used to evaluate the sequences, for example: Format=CSVDelimited
  4. Line 3 is the character set to be used, for example: CharacterSet=OEM
  5. All remaining lines display the column names and location data formatted as text. Add a separate line for each column to be used. For example: Col1=”Column1Name” Char Width 255

Additional information regarding a Schema.ini file may be found here:

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