How to manually installing MSDE from the PaperVision Enterprise CD.


How to manually install MSDE from the PaperVision Enterprise distribution CD.


If you need to install Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine but didn’t select the Database server when installing PaperVision Enterprise, you can manually install it off the CD.

To do this, go to the Start menu and select Run. In the Run window, click the Browse button, and browse out to your CD drive. Double click the PaperVision Enterprise folder, then change the Files of type selection to All Files. Then double click the SqlRun01.msi file.

In the run line you will see "D:PaperVision EnterpriseSqlRun01.msi" You need to add the following commands: blanksapwd=1 securitymode=sql

This is what you should see in the run line:

"D:PaperVision EnterpriseSqlRun01.msi" blanksapwd=1 securitymode=sql

Click Ok to begin the MSDE installation.

Note: in the above example the D: drive denotes the CD-Rom drive, which may be different on your computer.

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Last modified Oct 28, 2004

Submitted Nov 04, 2003

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