How to use the Integrator


How to use the Integrator after an Integration Definition has been configured in the Admin Console.



To use the Integrator, follow the steps below once you have completed the Installation of PaperVision Enterprise 11.60 (or higher).

To launch the setup wizard go to StartProgram FilesDigitech Integrator. You will need to enter the IP address or URL of your PaperVision Application/Web Server. Once you do this you should receive a configuration complete with the option to select finish. Once the configuration is completed, you will now be able to logon to the Integrator.

Notice that when you log into the Integrator you will see that you have the Client ID in addition to the user name and password. The Integrator will automatically start in Multiple Entity mode.

Once you have logged in you will see the Integrator icon in your system tray. If you right click on your icon you will have four options:

  1. Logout: This will log the current user out of the Integrator and allow another user to log in. However, the application will continue to run. If you click on cancel, you will be prompted to either exit the program or enter another user logon.
  2. Refresh Integration Definitions: This will automatically reload any updated definitions.
  3. About Integrator:
    1. Version Information: This will give you the version information that you are currently running.
    2. Active Definitions: This will inform you how many active definitions are currently loaded for your entity.
  4. Exit:       This option will log you out as well as close the Integrator.






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