Installing the API and Web Samples for PaperVision Enterprise.


How to install the API and Web Samples for PaperVision Enterprise from the distribution CD.


To install the API and Web Samples during the initial setup of PaperVision, choose Setup Type 5 - Custom. Select the components you want, making sure that the ‘PaperVision Enterprise Source Code’ option is checked. This will install the sample files in the default location: “Program FilesDigitech SystemsPaperVisionSource”.

If you need to copy the sample files onto a machine where PaperVision Enterprise has already been installed, you can simply copy the Source folder off the CD and onto your hard drive. That folder is located at: “PaperVision EnterpriseProgram FilesDigitech SystemsPaperVisionSource”.

In this situation, you may also want to copy the PVENT-API.PDF to your hard drive as well. This is the API manual and is located on the CD at this location: “PaperVision EnterpriseProgram FilesDigitech SystemsPaperVisionDocs”.

The “_Read Me First.pdf” files located in the API and Web Samples folders should also be reviewed.

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Last modified Feb 02, 2004

Submitted Feb 02, 2004

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