Installing the PaperVision Distribution Assistant


The PaperVision Distribution Assistant allows you to add a licensed stand-alone document viewer to any PaperFlow data group, including those that are migrated out of PaperVision Enterprise. This viewer can be used to retrieve documents in a standard PaperFlow data group when a user doesn’t have PaperVision Xpress or PaperVision Enterprise. This article explains how to install this feature.


You must first install PaperVision Enterprise version 11.24 or higher. The PaperVision Distribution Assistant is installed on every install type except #2, PaperVision Enterprise Client.

You can also choose setup type 5 Custom if you wish to add only the Distribution Assistant component. Choose setup type 5 and then select your install path. On the following screen, uncheck all features except PaperVision Distribution Assistant. Continue the installation process, rebooting the machine if prompted.

After installation, you will need to add your licenses for PaperVision Enterprise and the Distribution Assistant. Contact Digitech Technical Support to obtain your license authorization. Once the PaperVision Distribution Assistant has been licensed, all data group migrations will then automatically include the Distribution Assistant.

Filed under 11.24, PaperVision® Enterprise

Last modified Oct 08, 2004

Submitted Jul 14, 2004

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