Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage after installing the PaperVision Enterprise local client.


After a new installation of PaperVision Enterprise using the Stand-Alone configuration, the error “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” is displayed when attempting to open the PaperVision Enterprise local client.



This error is an indication that the PaperVision Client Service may not have started once the installation completed. In most cases this is due to security settings within the local environment. To display the webpage, start the Windows service as follows:

  1. From the Start menu, select <Run>.
  2. Type “services.msc” and press the <Enter> key.
  3. From the list of services, right-click the PaperVision Client Service and choose “Start”.

Please note: The Windows user account that is assigned to the service must have logon as a service rights. Contact your system administrator to determine if this account has the necessary rights. To determine which account the PaperVision Client Service is running under, from the Services Management Console (services.msc):

  1. Highlight the PaperVision Client Service, right-click the service and select “Properties”.
  2. Click the “Logon as” tab.
  3. By default, Local System is assigned to the service.
  4. Click “This account” to specify a user account (who has the necessary logon as a service rights) to run the service.

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R71.1

Last modified June 2, 2017

Submitted Jul 15, 2011

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