Job validation error message: All paths leading from start steps must be valid


When attempting to validate or activate a job in PaperVision Capture, the following validation error is displayed: All paths leading from start steps must be valid (1 exists, none are valid)


This error message indicates that the Capture job has one or more start steps included in the job that is creating an endless loop.

A Capture job is only considered valid when there is a final end point consisting of one (or more) step(s) which do not move a batch to another step in the job. Once a batch completes the final job step, it is considered finished, exits the job, and stops processing.

If there is no final job step, the batch will never exit the job, and continue processing until an administrator manually moves the batch out of the job. Every start step in a Capture job must have a corresponding final step or the job cannot be validated or activated.

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Last modified Feb 24, 2020

Submitted Aug 25, 2016

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