Match and Merge says “No Matches Found” when matches do exist.


When running match and merge against a delimited file in PaperVision Capture, a user receives the message “No Matches Found” even though matches do exist. This issue occurs when a field contains values that are all numbers as well as values that are numbers and letters mixed.



This error is caused by ODBC attempting to identify the field type for a column based on the most common type of data. For example, if there is a column that contains invoice numbers, some of which contain only numbers and some contain a mixture of letters and numbers, ODBC will make this a number field if the majority of the fields contain only numbers. This makes the fields that contain a mixture unreadable.

Following these steps should resolve this issue if using a .csv file:

  1. Create a text file called schema.ini
  2. Open the file and update the Column Name and Column Type for each column of the file. For example:
    Col1="Column Name" Char Width 255
    Col2="Column Name" Text
    Col3="Column Name" Long
  3. Place the schema.ini file in the same folder as the .csv file.

Note that this will not be an issue with a database setup such as SQL or Access, since they explicitly define the column types. If using a different kind of delimited file (other than csv), this method can still be used; simply modify the format and character set to your needs.

Additional information regarding schema files may be found here:

Filed under PaperVision® Capture, R74.1

Last modified Feb 20, 2020

Submitted Dec 13, 2011

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