Noise Removal


After running the Noise Removal feature in Post-Processing, there is still noticeable noise in the images.


If noise is still present after running the Noise Removal Post-Process, try slightly increasing the Maximum Height, Maximum Width, and/or the Maximum Area settings. This will increase the size of noise particles that are removed by Noise Removal.

Reducing the Minimum Separation setting may also help by decreasing the minimum required distance between noise particles and non-noise portions of the image. Setting Minimum Separation to a value of zero will remove all objects that fall within the Maximum Height, Width, and Area settings regardless of their proximity to non-noise objects. However, this may have undesirable effects such as broken characters, missing punctuation, and the removal of the dots on the letters "i" and "j".

Filed under 7.00, PaperFlow™

Last modified Oct 28, 2004

Submitted Oct 25, 2001

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