Only text files exist in the export directory when using the PVE XML export


A job is configured to export a batch of images and full-text data to an XML data group. Once the job has finished processing and the export created, the export contains only text files in the output directory. No image files are present.


When configuring an XML export that contains full-text data using the PaperVision Enterprise output type, there are two (2) options for exporting the full-text data. One option is to export only the full-text data, the other option exports both the images and the full-text data (.pvfulltext) files.

Configuring the export for either option:

  1. In the Custom Code (export) step, select the PVE XML export.
  2. Configure the properties on the “General” tab.
  3. Select the appropriate Index Fields to include in the export on the “Indexes” tab.
  4. Click on the OCR tab. Select the Full-Text vendor used to create the full-text output from the OCR Engine drop-down list (either Nuance or Open Text).
  5. To export both the images and full-text data (.pvfulltext), leave the OCR Converter drop-down set to <None>. To export only the full-text data (and not include the images), select PaperVision Enterprise from the OCR Converter drop-down.
    Note: If PaperVision Enterprise is selected as the OCR Converter, select the applicable full-text step from the OCR Step Name drop-down.
  6. Configure any remaining Options or FTP properties as needed and click <OK> to save the configuration.
  7. Once the batch processes through the Custom Code step, if you left the OCR Converter option blank, both images and full-text data (.pvfulltext) will be included with the exported data. If the OCR Converter option was set to “PaperVision Enterprise”, only full-text data will be included with the exported data (no images will be present).



Filed under PaperVision® Capture, R73.1

Last modified Feb 21, 2020

Submitted Jul 15, 2011

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