The PaperVision Message Capture Server service starts but immediately stops

Version: R57

Article ID: PM000001

The PaperVision Message Capture Server service starts but immediately stopsmain image


When attempting to start the PaperVision Message Capture Server, the service starts successfully, but then stops a few seconds later. No on-screen error message is displayed.


There are two common reasons for this behavior with the Message Capture service.

The first is that the Inter-Process Communication passphrase configured for Message Capture does not match the IPC passphrase configured in the PaperVision Admin Console.  These two passphrases must be identical, or communication between the two components cannot be established and the service will stop.

The other most likely cause is due to Directory Services being enabled within PaperVision Message Capture Configuration Utility.  If Directory Services are not installed and enabled on your operating system, you must disable Directory Services Support, or the capture service will not run.

Note: If you attempt to start the Message Capture Server and it does in fact display an on-screen error message that the service could not be started due to logon failure, check the password that is entered for the Logon As account.

Another helpful area to check is the Windows Event Viewer as the Application Log could provide important information that will assist in troubleshooting the issue.