“There was an image that caused OCR processing to fail” error when clustering certain PDF files in Forms Magic


When clustering certain PDFs files in Forms Magic, after clicking Start Clustering the following error is returned “There was an image that caused OCR processing to fail”.



PDF files are converted to raster-based images when imported into PaperVision Capture and should not be used as setup images within Forms Magic. Raster-based images can cause issues with OCR zone configuration or with the OCR engine in general.

The recommended solution is to process the PDF file(s) through a Capture job with the desired image processing and save the processed images as TIF/JPG files. The images can then be used as setup/clustering images in Forms Magic and should not cause any issues with the OCR engine.

If you need to cluster PDF files and receive this error, the resolution is to add the following line of text to the ClientSettings.xml file:


The ClientSettings.xml file can be found in the “C:\ProgramData\Digitech Systems” folder.

Once the ClientSettings.xml file has been updated shut down the PaperVision Capture Admin Console and restart the following Windows Services:

    • PaperVision Forms Magic Communication Server
    • PaperVision Forms Magic Worker
    • PaperVision ProcessInitiator1

Restart the Admin Console and cluster the documents in Forms Magic.

Filed under PaperVision® Capture, R83

Last modified October 12, 2017

Submitted Jun 16, 2016

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