This e-form definition version is not supported by the designer.


When attempting to open an e-form definition in the designer that was created in an older version of PaperVision Enterprise, the following message is displayed:

This e-form definition version is not supported by the designer.


Older e-form definitions (created before the R79 designer) cannot be modified using designer mode automatically. Due to changes in the e-form designer, a completely new format is used for e-form definitions.  Older e-form definitions display a warning message that the version of the definition isn't supported by the current designer.

The XML editor can still be used to make changes to the definition. If the e-form designer is not needed to make changes, no action is necessary and the e-form will still function.

Customers who wish to convert/upgrade their older e-form definitions to work in the new designer have the following options:

  1. Call Digitech Systems technical support for guidelines to use when updating an older e-form definition to allow it to work in the new designer.
  2. Create a new e-form definition and redesign the form. This option is a good way to make comparisons to ensure they are the same, as well as allow images to be pulled from the old form's preview if necessary.
  3. Contact Digitech Systems Professional Services for assistance updating the e-form definitions, which is a billable event.


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Last modified June 21, 2017

Submitted Feb 10, 2015

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