Unable to cast COM object of type ‘PVDMShared.cUtilityClass’ to interface type ‘PVDMShared._cUtility’


Initial installation did not properly register the PVDMShar.dll file, causing this error.  The PVDMShar.dll will need to be registered manually.



To register the PVDMShar.dll file:

  • Navigate to the PaperVision® Enterprise installation location (C:\Program Files\Digitech Systems\Common Files)
  • Double-click the PVDMShar.dll file
  • Click Open With, and choose Select the program from a list
  • Click Browse, choose the C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe file
  • Click Open

You should receive a notification that the file was registered successfully. The next time you start Outlook, the PaperVision® Enterprise Tools toolbar should display and you should no longer receive the error message.

Filed under PaperVision® Tools, R45

Last modified October 12, 2017

Submitted Feb 11, 2008

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