Unable to locate dongle key (USB)


When attempting to launch a fresh installation of PaperFlow using a USB dongle key, you receive the error "Unable to locate dongle key"


Proper installation of the drivers for the USB dongle key requires you to install PaperFlow first, prior to inserting the USB dongle key into a USB port. Inserting the dongle key prior to installing the software will cause Windows to install the wrong driver version, which is not compatible with the USB dongle key.

In the Windows XP operating system, when you insert the USB key, the New Hardware Wizard will launch. If Windows prompts you with a message 'Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software?', choose 'No, not this time'. The drivers from Windows Update are not compatible with your USB dongle key.

If you mistakenly install the drivers from Windows Update, go into your Device manager and right-click on the SafeNet USB SuperPro/UltraPro (listed under Universal Serial Bus Controllers). Choose 'Update Driver'.

Do not allow Windows to connect to Windows Update (No, not this time). Then choose to install the driver from specified location.

Choose 'Don't Search. I will choose the driver to install'. On the next screen, select 'Have Disk'. Browse to this location - C:\Program Files\Rainbow Technologies\Sentinel System Driver\sntnlusb.inf and click OK.

When prompted, allow Windows to overwrite the newer version with the one you just selected. Once complete, your USB dongle key should be recognized as a Rainbow SuperPro, and will be listed under Software Security Tokens in the Device manager.

Filed under 7.35, PaperFlow™

Last modified October 13, 2017

Submitted Mar 15, 2005

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