Unable to view documents with annotations in the browser-based viewer


When attempting to view a document in the browser-based viewer, the following message is displayed in place of the document image:

The following error(s) occurred!

Due to certain browsers’ limitations and potential security concerns, this annotated image cannot be displayed.


This issue specifically affects “users” (not administrators) where the “Force Annotations On” security access right is enabled and the user(s) is set to use the browser-based viewer.

The reason this message is displayed instead of the document image is due to a potential security risk. A user with a little knowledge of modifying web page code could copy the page source code, disable the annotations/redactions and the display the image directly in the browser without the annotations/redactions.

Some web browsers will also disable the annotations/redactions by simply opening the print preview window within the browser (but not from the print function in the browser-based viewer) and this would display the image without annotations or redactions.

Because of the security risk this exposes, if the “Force Annotations On” security access right is enabled for a user and they are using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, the user will receive this message any time they attempt to view a document in the browser-based viewer that includes an annotation. Documents without an annotation can still be viewed.

Note that the Safari browser installed on Apple devices utilizing iOS (iPad, iPhone, etc.) does not have the security vulnerability, and can display annotated/redacted documents when ‘Force Annotations On’ is enabled. Safari for Mac OS is vulnerable and will still display this error.

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Last modified Nov 06, 2015

Submitted Nov 06, 2015

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