Unknown Error Code = {0} When Attempting to Open a Batch

Version: R70.7

Article ID: PC000045

Unknown Error Code = {0} When Attempting to Open a Batchmain image


A user logs into the Operator Console and attempts to take and open a batch, and receives the following error: Unknown error code = {0}.

This error may occur because the Master Batch Path to where this batch resides has been changed in the Admin Console, but the batch has not been moved to the updated Master Batch Path. Essentially, the Operator Console is looking for the batch in the new location, but it doesn’t exist.


Moving the batch to the current Master Batch Path may resolve this issue.

To resolve this follow the steps below:

  1. In the Capture Admin Console, highlight the batch in question and change the status of the batch to “Not Owned”.
  2. In Windows Explorer (File Explorer), navigate to the original Master Batch Path location where the batch currently resides.
  3. Once you’ve located the batch, move it to the new Master Batch Location as shown in the Batch or Entity Properties in the Admin Console.
  4. In the Operator Console, click the refresh button to refresh the Batches Waiting and update the batch in question.

Now when the Operator Console attempts to take and open the batch, it will locate the correct batch at the new Master Batch Path location and will successfully open the batch.