Unrecognized database format.


Receiving Error 3343: Unrecognized database format.


A user receives this error when:   (a): Trying to scan into a data group; or (b): Starting PaperFlow.

  1. Run a repair on the data group by clicking on the Data Group menu in PaperFlow and choosing Data Group Maintenance. If the data group location is not listed, choose Select and browse out to the DATAGRP.MDB file for the data group giving this error. If the maintenance completes successfully, then the data group should be fine. If it fails, then it is recommended that you contact Digitech Technical Support for additional assistance.
  2. If you are running PaperFlow 6.x or above, hold the Ctrl + R keys when starting PaperFlow to repair the central database. If you are running PaperFlow 4.x or 5.x, you will have to use Microsoft Access or PaperVision Retrieval 9 – Access to repair the database. If you are using Microsoft Access, you must ensure that the database is in Access 97 format when finished or it will not work with PaperFlow or PaperVision Retrieval.

To repair the PaperFlow central database (DSICP32.MDB) using PaperVision Retrieval, you will need to copy the DSICP32.MDB to the same location as the PaperVision central database (DSISYS.MDB). In PaperVision, you can access the Repair Databases option under the Administration menu. Select the DSICP32.MDB from the list and have PaperVision repair it. If it is successful, then copy the DSICP32.MDB back to its original location. If it is unsuccessful, then it is recommended that you contact Digitech Technical Support for additional assistance

Filed under 7.00, PaperFlow™

Last modified Oct 28, 2004

Submitted Oct 25, 2001

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