Warning icon displayed next to Path when opening a batch


When selecting Open Batch in PaperFlow, a yellow warning icon is displayed next to the Path of one or more batches as shown below.


This warning icon indicates that the path cannot be located.

This can indicate that the batch is missing (i.e. moved/deleted) from the path. It could also indicate a lack of Windows security and/or share rights to the specified path for the current Windows profile that is logged in.

To resolve the issue, first verify whether the batch still exists in the specified location. In particular, the “<jobname – batchtimestamp>.PVCSBATCH” file needs to be present since it contains the majority of standard batch information.

If all the batch files exist, ensure that the Windows profile has full-control of the batch location and that permissions are inheriting to the child objects.

If the batch files have been deleted, from the Open Batch window, highlight the batch and click Delete Batches. This will remove the batch from the available batches list.

Filed under PaperFlow™, R78

Last modified June 6, 2017

Submitted Aug 25, 2016

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