What types of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Licenses must be purchased for use with PaperVision Enterprise?


When using PaperVision Enterprise (PVE) with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or MSDE, what types of SQL Server Licenses must be purchased?


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is provided “as is” and represents the Digitech’s interpretation of Microsoft’s licensing requirements for SQL Server as of the time of this writing. For more information, please see Microsoft’s website at: http://www.microsoft.com/sql/howtobuy/faq.asp

Microsoft offers 3 different licensing options for SQL Server 2000:

  • Processor licenses: Requires a single license for each physical CPU in the operating system instance running SQL Server. Use of this license does not require any device or user CALs (client access licenses).
  • Server plus device CALs: Requires a license for each device or user running SQL Server, as well a license for each client device.
  • Server plus user CALs: Requires a license for the computer running SQL Server, as well as a license for each user.

The type of SQL Server licenses required depends on the manner in which you will use SQL Server. Although PVE is being used as an example, any user running any program accessing SQL Server data will need to abide by the same SQL Server licensing terms :

  • If PVE is being hosted on a publicly accessible site (i.e. an Internet web site) where any number of users can access the site, processor licenses should be used.
  • If PVE is being used in any other manner, either processor licenses or CALs can be used. However, the cost of processor licenses must be weighed against the cost of all of the necessary CALS (in many cases, processor licenses come out cheaper).

Keep in mind that SQL Server is not licensed on a concurrent user basis when using CALS. Each device or user must have a license, regardless of how many are accessing the database at once.

If you are using PVE with the MSDE database that is provided with the PVE install, then no SQL Server Licenses are required.

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